“I began teaching photography to adults and then to children and teens out of a sheer desire to share my love of photography with others.”

Rock That KidShot!™

WHO THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR: Moms and Dads who want to learn how to take better photos of their kids.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Bring your DSL camera as we’ll covering the basics of digital photography in the first half of the workshop.

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: How to switch from program mode to manual mode so you can take full advantage of your camera’s awesome features. This also includes how to properly set your ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and focus modes for ideal picture-taking of your kids. I’ll also share with you my 10 Essential Tips on How to Photograph Your Kid Like a Pro.

THE DETAILS: This 2.5 hour intro workshop is designed mainly for moms and dads who want to capture stellar pictures of their kids with their DSLRs. Photo-editing, and/or any aspect of running a photography business will not be covered in this beginners’ workshop.

  • I loved the workshop and I’m so excited to start taking pictures in manual mode!
    Erin Limerick
  • Thanks for a great session, I feel that much more comfortable with my camera…Thanks for a great evening and for helping me to finally learn and navigate the basics of my camera.
    Kimberly Sullivan
  • Thanks so much for helping me to actually take the time to understand what my camera can do. I finally captured some photos of my two little guys in action!
    Rebecca Earl
  • I liked the workshop as it was simple and easy to understand. It rekindled my interest to start over again and this time I put what I learned to use!
    Ranjeeta Dmello

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Photo Workshops for Kids

My photography program for kids integrates visual literacy with traditional literacy, to offer learners an opportunity to express themselves through both image and the written word. Our fun, participatory, experiential workshops encourage creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and community building in the classroom – key elements of an innovation mindset!

In my workshops, I encourage kids to photograph and write about themselves, their families, and their communities. We explore what is most unique about ourselves through a series of creative photography assignments that explore concepts of composition, timing, perspective, and artistic expression. We also print and share our photos using portable printers, go on fun photo walks, and explore the work of iconic photographers through books and slideshow presentations.

  • “Diana ran an 8-week program with us at the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs, where the kids did a project called “The Best part of Me”. Diana came in with a detailed plan, was well prepared with all the supplies and was able to engage the kids from the beginning. Diana did such amazing job getting the kids to capture beautiful photos. She was dedicated to ensuring the kids produce meaningful photos. All the photos produce were on displayed at multiple events and fundraisers where people were amazed at the Diana did with our kids. We would love for Diana to come back again!” 
    Dominique Robinson
  • Diana came to our class to teach 4 photography workshops as part of our school’s Art’s Week. Her calm demeanor and patience worked very well with my energetic students. She was able to channel their enthusiasm and creativity with well-planned lessons that culminated in a photography and written piece. Parents were very impressed by their work when they came to our art’s showcase at the end of the week, and the students were proud of what they had created. Through Diana’s photography workshop, students were able to find the beauty in their community while learning the basics of photography. I highly recommend Diana to any classroom teacher.
    Kathryn Durant
  • “Diana’s photography and writing workshop series with our grade 1-3 and grade 4-6 classes are a perfect example of integrated learning at it’s best. Diana taught our students the basic elements of photography, facilitated solid poetry and writing classes, and created a positive and supportive environment for our students to produce a powerful, self-reflective creative arts project. I highly recommend Diana to classroom teachers and community groups looking for a dynamic facilitator who skillfully weaves together literacy and arts with children of all ages.” 
    Emily Chan
  • “Diana was passionate and enthusiastic about photography and demonstrated extreme patience in bringing out the best in each one of her students.  I was particularly impressed in the calm manner that she used and was able to engage hard-to-reach youth.  Throughout the scope of the project I was able to witness the girls developing confidence in their abilities, which culminated in a gallery show that allowed the girls to share their beautiful self-portraits with the public as well as their friends and family.”
    Devin Fan


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