What should we wear?
Don’t overthink it. We’re documenting a day in your life, so keep it real by wearing what you’re most comfortable in. One fun way to add colour and visual interest to your session is to let your kids dress in bright colours and fun patterns and for them to bring along their favourite stuffed animal or toy.

Where will our session take place?
Your session can be done at your home or outdoors in a nearby park. My favourite type of session is a combination of both.

What time should we book our session?
I usually request that sessions be booked either early in the morning or late afternoon so that we can take advantage of the natural “golden” light that occurs during those times of the day.

Do you have a studio?
No. I’m a lifestyle photographer and work mainly with natural light. I want to photograph you in the most candid and authentic way possible.

Can we include our pets in our session?
Absolutely, I love pets.

Can I post my images on Facebook, twitter, etc.?
Yes, you can post any images you’ve purchased. All I ask is that you don’t crop or edit them in any way.

Are you print and collection prices negotiable?
No. However, you do have the option to purchase prints a la carte. But keep in mind that all collections have been created with a 20-30 percent discount off all a la carte prices.


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