This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now…

Photograph and interview women onto something GOOD.

Women who wake up each day with steadfast dedication and commitment to their work, ideals, and dreams.

Women who may not always get the recognition they deserve.

Forward thinking women, women on a mission, women that believe they have something to GIVE.

Women like Isorine Marc

woman standing in front of mural

Woman on a Mission Interview: with Isorine Marc [French-born; Masters in Performing Arts Management, University of Brest - France; Founder and Executive & Programming Director of Jamii (a NFP organization producing arts projects on The Esplanade neighborhood); Artistic Producer of CORPUS (a Toronto-based dance/theater company that performs world-wide).]

Tell us about your mission? What was the inspiration for your idea/company/project?

In 2008, some of my neighbors and I came together to organize in The Esplanade neighborhood a few small but meaningful grassroots community activities throughout the summer days. Events ranged from outdoor barbecue to gardening, including bike clinics, movie nights and a mini arts festival. Within a couple of months, the change was obvious: after thirty years of living next to each other, neighbors started living with each other. This is the very core of Jamii’s inspiration.

I believe in one’s creativity; I believe in the power of arts to build our community stronger; I believe in people taking ownership of their public space; and I believe in the importance of nurturing a sense of pride of and belonging to the place where we live.

I founded Jamii in 2011. Jamii’s mandate is to enhance The Esplanade neighborhood’s vitality by initiating and producing arts-based community-engaged projects and events in and around Crombie Park.

The success of Jamii is not only in its vision, but also in the people and organizations that support it. The list is long, but it’s important for me to mention one of our greatest partner, CORPUS, the dance/theatre company I work for. It’s been a decade of taking arts to the street throughout the world. CORPUS has been supporting and partnering with Jamii – since the very beginning, to transform The esplanade with creativity.

The echoing of “change comes from within” resonates on The Esplanade. I’ve been living here since 2006, and I love my “village” – as I call it. The people I work with, engage with, partner with are my neighbors, friends, daughter’s friends, classmates, teachers (…). It ‘s not an outside force that comes in our homes to bring change: it’s us, Esplanadians, who create our tomorrow.

How would you describe yourself in 10 words or less? 
Passionate, engaged, happy, social, driven, enthusiast, hard-working, persevering, focused, generous and loving. That’s 11.

What is most sacred to you?
As of today: my 2-yrs old daughter. She needs my love and guidance.

Who or what is a current influential force in your life?
The excitement burning in me when thinking of what’s possible.
The discipline to see things through.

What was the hardest part of growing up for you?
I can’t think of any: all was happening to get me all set for what was coming. What I love is continue growing up and getting ready for what’s always ahead.

What advice can you offer to young women with GOOD ideas today?
Trust that you’re capable and don’t think about it twice: just do it.

Where will you be in 5 years? What will your ‘mission’ look like?
I don’t know where I will be, maybe here – maybe there; but I know it will be nice and I’ll feel good about myself, about my life.
I hope that The Esplanade neighborhood will be thriving and as creative as ever, under the leadership of Jamii; and if not under its leadership, I hope that Jamii’s legacy will be in the air, one way or the other.

Where can we find out more about your project?

Do you know of an exceptional woman on an exceptional mission? I want to include her in my Woman on a Mission photo series! Submit your suggestion here.

Beach Session

The best part of Ian and his family’s photo session was their break-out rugby match, not something you see many families doing together in Toronto!

I love sessions on the Beach, and how passers-by always seem happy to stumble upon a happy family having their photographs taken.


family playing rugby on beachIan-Roberge-&-Family_2014-5846family sitting on a benchfamily photo session on the beachfamily photo sessionIan-Roberge-&-Family_2014-5906Ian-Roberge-&-Family_2014-5877Ian-Roberge-&-Family_2014-5870Ian-Roberge-&-Family_2014-6013-fb

To book your summer family session contact me here. I’d love to hear from you!

Ten on Ten for September

Yesterday, I took my youngest to the  Not Far From The Tree’s 2nd Annual City Cider Fest, a  at Spadina Museum, a gorgeous historic house and gardens, where we sampled all things apples, crab-apples, and cider! It was a perfect warm September day, spent with my best friend, Natalie, and her two kids. I love that she’s always willing to join me on a weekend excursion with the kids …we both know we only have a few more years where we can do these types of outings before they’re no longer interested in potato sacks, fishing ponds, and taking advantage of a table full of costumes to dress up in!

Ten on Ten Sept. 2014-8055

So here’s my 10 on 10, an archive of another sweet day spent with my little one, and friends.


Ten on Ten Sept. 2014-8030

Ten on Ten Sept. 2014-8093

Ten on Ten Sept. 2014-8078

My 10 on 10 is part of collective of other family photographers posting 10 photos on the 10 of each month. We don’t always hit our mark but we do encourage each other to document what’s most important to each of us…our own families. I hope you’ll make your way around our blog circle continuing here with Burlington photographer Robyn Russell’s 10 on 10 post HERE.

September 18, 2014 - 12:57 am

Brandy Anderson - These are incredible! What a fun thing to do!

September 18, 2014 - 2:28 am

Tamsin Lambert - I love the potato sack race images and that last one with the umbrella is super cute. Looks like a great day.

September 18, 2014 - 2:43 pm

Sarah Libby-Hancox - Great Job Diana! Love that last one with your son and the umbrella!!!

September 18, 2014 - 5:00 pm

Natacha Jagodic- Silber - What a fun day! Love the flow of all the images and how well it told a story!

September 20, 2014 - 6:12 pm

Melissa Weicker - oh, what a fun-filled day! spykid no.2 has the best smile!

Two Girls Make the World Go ‘Round

The best family photo session begins at home where your kids are most comfortable…where they are surrounded by the four walls you created with them in mind. It ends perfectly with an adventure, like a walk to a favourite nearby park or beach, or local café.

But the best images materialize in all the in-betweens and to and froms. This is why I love photographing Timo and Sasikhan and they’re beautifully, very bubbly little girls. They trust that whatever they do during their session will result in the truest of memories … the pure unrehearsed magic that’s captured when you’re just happy being in each other’s company.

They make my camera very happy.


young family in their living roomTimo & Family 2014-3168_014Timo & Family 2014-3213_020Timo & Family 2014-3238_024Timo & Family 2014-3255_028Timo & Family 2014-3413_042Timo & Family 2014-3371_037Timo & Family 2014-3528_053

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Beyond The Selfie Project Campaign

There are many things that one can do with $25 and supporting a crowdfunding campaign is one of them! 

Click Here to Contribute

 We are happy to announce that have started our campaign in support of our Beyond the #Selfie Project. With a minimum of $25 you can help girls from underprivileged households to attend our summer photography camp while giving them an experience to last a lifetime.

Most kids have access to a camera or a mobile device that can take pictures, but how do they process what they see? How do they portray themselves? How do they communicate in the language of images in a digitally saturated society that produces over 60 billion images each month on Facebook alone?

This one-week intensive summer camp is designed to empower girls to express themselves through the art and craft of self-portrait photography. Through a series of creative photo assignments, field-trips, and slideshow presentations participants will be introduced to the creative fundamentals of photography such as composition, perspective, tone, space, timing and how to use light and shadow to create compelling and artistic photography. Participants will also learn basic photo-editing skills and curate a photo show for family and friends, and create and design a photo book featuring their self-portraits and writings.

This is an opportunity of a life time for the girls attending this camp as the experience does not involve learning about photography alone but, most importantly, about their self esteem intersecting technology and entrepreneurship.

The most valuable aspect of this camp is that the girls are able to share their learning by showcasing their end product to their family, friends and their community allowing them the opportunity to sell the photo books and make their money back. The girls will be able to go beyond making their money back and raise funds for their school, a charity of their choice and/or their college fund while spreading the important message of positive self esteem to girls around the world!

Girls will be engaged in fun and empowering hands-on and collaborative learning while having access to valuable resources allowing for self expression and becoming inspired to make the world a better place. Your support is crucial and I am grateful for any and all contributions. Please use this link to get to the crowdfunding campaign. Remember that you will only be charged when the campaign reaches its goal and, because sharing is caring, please share this campaign with anyone and everyone you know. We only have 8 days to reach our goal!

We need your help to support girls who come from low income families and diverse backgrounds to access such camp and develop skills which will take them to the next level in their life while making the world a better place through self empowerment. The funds raise will allow 5 girls to access this camp at no cost to them and cover the cost for their materials needed to run this camp successfully.


We thank you for your support!