This was a well spent Saturday afternoon with Lesley and her guys. (Lesley was the raffle winner of a Family Photo Session at the last Mums for Mount Sinai Beads for Babies fundraising event I donated to last year, hosted by Embella Party.)

Torran treated me like a royal guest, and introduced me to his favourite stuffed animals, toys, and love of all things culinary. And Lesley and Bruce were both equally engaged in making this a family photo shoot to remember. They filled each room with copious amounts of laughter and happiness, something I’m sure they do even when I’m not around!

And I got to meet another mom on a mission. Lesley writes about her everyday journey as Torran’s mom, who was born premature and weighed only two pounds when he was born at Mount Sinai’s NICU 6 years ago. You can read her blog, realwomendrivestick here.

One sweet family.

couple hugging on sofaLesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9702Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9727Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9752Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9800Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9775Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9788family of three photosLesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9656

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10 on 10 APRIL

My Ten on Ten for April featuring my youngest Spykid and his best friend Lukas. I love the glee of their faces…all in celebration of what felt like the first real Spring day in Toronto!

10 on 10 April 2014_110 on 10April 2014_210 on 10April 2014_310 on 10 April 2014_610 on 10 April_2014_410 on 10April 2014_510 on 10 April 2014_710 on 10 April 2014_910 on 10 April 2104_810 on 10 April 2014_10

Ten on Ten is a collective of family photographer’s across North America and the globe who post 10 photos of their kids, their lives, or the things that make them happy, on the 10th of each month.

I hope you’ll spring over to Australian family photographer’s Kylie Dunlop’s Ten on Ten here.

April 12, 2014 - 12:46 am

Sarah Libby-Hancox - Those boys look pretty happy to be outside :) . Well done as always.

April 12, 2014 - 2:30 am

Tam Lovebert - I love fun and friendship captured in these images D. So Great!

April 14, 2014 - 8:03 am

Robyn Russell - I love it, they’ll appreciate these photos when they’re older! Great captures D!

10 on 10 MARCH

Last week my little guy and I headed down to Williamsport, PA with a best friend of mine, Natalie, and her two kids. She heads down to her hometown several times a year and invited us to come along this time. I’m always happy to do a road trip and was just as eager to get out of the city for a while.

A highlight of our trip to PA, besides meeting Natalie’s sweet family and friends, was our sunny-day introduction to ice fishing. Something I certainly never did growing up in the city! Staring out onto the expansive ice in front of us was as exciting as it was strange. Thoughts of ‘falling in’ definitely crossed my mind but our kids wasted no time estatically sliding their way across the ice with their aqua blue sled in tow.

We enjoyed learning about how to ice fish from Natalie’s brother, Eric and his daughter Emma. But for me, the opportunity to experience the beauty of acres of pure white frozen lake, surrounded by rolling hills and eagles flying overhead was like taking a much-needed deep breath, and an equally exhilirating exhale.

10 on 10 March 2014-920110 on 10 March 2014-923610 on 10 March 2014-9306

This is my 10 on 10 for March. Now I hope you’ll have stop by and visit Barrie Photographer Nicole Kathlyn’s edition HERE. and then follow the Blog circle around!

Happy March everyone!