I was so happy to photograph this Toronto family again! I knew they’d pull out their cowboy hats and boots again…just what we needed to make great images together. If you’re planning to schedule a family photo session, remember to have fun in front of the camera. It’s always less about capturing ‘all eyes up front’ and more about what happens in between. But, I know you’ve heard that from me before!

family photo sessionJason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3483Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3538Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3538Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3541Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3570Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3589Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3609Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3626Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3646Jason, Christine, Alex & Harrison_2015-3651

View this family’s first photo session with me HERE.

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