I loved this family. They were so comfortable together and when I look at these images, the love they share jumps out at me! After the session, they even served me hot tea with Bailey’s. Major brownie points.

Chantal & Family 2014-6721_002Chantal & Family 2014-6744Chantal & Family 2014-6769_009Chantal & Family 2014-6788_011Chantal & Family 2014-6801_014Chantal & Family 2014-6823_021Chantal & Family 2014-6821_020Chantal & Family 2014-6831_022Chantal & Family 2014-6847_027Chantal & Family 2014-6874_032family photo sessionChantal & Family 2014-6921_040Chantal & Family 2014-6958_043Chantal & Family 2014-7001_054family gathered around christmas tree

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