This was a well spent Saturday afternoon with Lesley and her guys. (Lesley was the raffle winner of a Family Photo Session at the last Mums for Mount Sinai Beads for Babies fundraising event I donated to last year, hosted by Embella Party.)

Torran treated me like a royal guest, and introduced me to his favourite stuffed animals, toys, and love of all things culinary. And Lesley and Bruce were both equally engaged in making this a family photo shoot to remember. They filled each room with copious amounts of laughter and happiness, something I’m sure they do even when I’m not around!

And I got to meet another mom on a mission. Lesley writes about her everyday journey as Torran’s mom, who was born premature and weighed only two pounds when he was born at Mount Sinai’s NICU 6 years ago. You can read her blog, realwomendrivestick here.

One sweet family.

couple hugging on sofaLesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9702Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9727Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9752Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9800Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9775Lesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9788family of three photosLesley, Bruce & Torran_2014-9656

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