This past August, I spent 4 amazing days in the company of an Susanne’s family in St. John’s, Newfoundland. They treated me so well in their lovely corner of the world…a place I’ve always wanted to visit ever since moving to Canada. Susanne is an old neighbour of mine and her eldest daughter was one of my first models before turning pro. She’s always been so supportive of my work and this year I couldn’t pass up of the offer to visit her. (Thanks, Susanne!) Besides loving every inch of St. John’s, I also enjoyed every minute in the company of Susanne and her girls. As a mom to two boys who don’t like being photographed, having 3 wonderful little muses to follow around was a little piece of heaven for me. And Brad, well he’s one of the best Dads I’ve ever photographed. He gets it.

I still have so many more images to edit from my trip…I hope you’ll stop by again!

Susanne & Familly 2013-5926Susanne & Familly 2013-6454Susanne & Familly 2013-6331Susanne & Familly 2013-6530Susanne & Familly 2013-6638Susanne & Familly 2013-6603Susanne & Familly 2013-6073Susanne & Familly 2013-6071Susanne & Familly 2013-6022Susanne & Familly 2013-5950Susanne & Familly 2013-6034Susanne & Familly 2013-6053Susanne & Familly 2013-6513 copySusanne & Familly 2013-6445Susanne & Familly 2013-6331

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