There is that occassional family photo session, where I feel as if I’ve failed. This was one of those sessions. I said my goodbye a bit fearful that I simply wasn’t fast enough behind the camera! There were no still moments in this session as these adorable, joyous little sisters kept us all running in happy circles!

Even though Timo and his wife unsuccessfully tried to wrangle their daughters together so that I could capture a few image of them together, not once did they express dismay.

They had abandoned any notions of the ‘perfect’ family photo shoot, so why hadn’t I?

I still haven’t answered that question but as I edited this family’s session images, I realized that what I did capture was true and loyal to love this family shares for one another. I was reminded that what’s worth preserving is what’s real. And what’s real is being present in the moment. And being present in the moment means enjoying all that life gives you at that precise time.

I just have to trust that it works every time.

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