I Dream…

Today was the first week of the “I DREAM …” photo project currently underway at my kid’s school!

While I was in the States during the winter months I read two amazing books that inspired me to try my hand at teaching photography to kids. The second book I thoroughly enjoyed, “Kids, Cameras, and the Curriculum”, by author and teacher Pat Barrett Dragan, provided a number of fun school-based projects designed for introducing photography as a tool of expression, and also as a means to encouraging literacy. Dragan described how one particular photo collage project about what kids dreamed of becoming when they grew up resonated with her younger students. I suggested the idea to one of my kid’s teachers and she was more than supportive of the idea. We brainstormed on the best way to introduce the idea to the kids (ages 6-8), and the “I DREAM…” project was born.

This 4-week project will encourage kids to write a few lines, or draw an illustration if they can’t quite read and write yet, about what they dream of becoming when they’re older. As the project progresses they’ll eventually create a photo collage of their dream. In between, I’ll organize a fun photo day where all the kids will be individually photographed in any pose that will help represent their future dream-job or profession. Their photos will be placed in the center of their collages which they’ll embellish with any magazine cut-outs or hand drawings that further demonstrate their dreams.

The kids were super excited to get started on the project today! I’ll keep you posted along the way. xo xo

This is a photo of my son and his dream of becoming a soccer player. Not just any soccer player, but a player for the Arsenal team! I know I’m his mom, but I found his drawing very endearing. Their were plenty of sweet ones like these by other kids in his class. I hope to share a few with you after I’m given permission from their parents!

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